Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mama-Guyver: DIY Snot Sucker

I have written twice in the last year about my love for the Nose Frida (& here.) It seriously is a must have for every mom out there. I have such a pet peeve about snot running down kids faces, that I am tempted to whip it out of my diaper bag and Nose Frida every child I see with a runny nose. Why would you not want to relieve your child of a stuffy/runny nose immediately! They can't use Afrin (I know, terrible for you, but I can't live w/o it when I am sick) so might as well use the next best thing.

So when I was caught down in Newport, RI this weekend without my Nose Frida (or my Boogie Wipes) I was so mad at myself. M became very sick overnight with a fever, throwing up and a crazy stuffy/runny nose (I have been sick and it was a matter of time before she caught what I had). I immediately ran out to CVS to see if they carried the Frida or Boogie Wipes, but I wasn't in luck. I purchased a nasal aspirator bulb to give it a try, but didn't get my hopes up as I have never been a big fan of them.

After a couple of failed attempts to suck snot with the aspirator I gave up and just started wiping her nose constantly. Well, this just made her nose raw, and made her cry every time I came near her with a tissue. I was so mad at myself for not being prepared for this to happen! But then I thought (as I do with most things I come across) "I can make one myself!" And I went to work...

Watch out boogies - I'm coming for you
In a few easy steps I had created my own "snot sucker" of sorts (pictured right):
1. Remove the pointed end of the nasal aspirator bulb (this Little Noses version popped off, but you might have to cut it off)
2. Take the pointy end off of an adult bottle of nose spray. The key here is that you need something to stick just at the end of the nostril that is as big as the nostril, so that you create a seal. I also had to cut off the end of the tip to make the hole bigger.
3. Push new pointed end into opening of bulb.
4. Cut small hole in opposite end of bulb. You must have a nice tight seal around the straw so keep it small to start.
5. Insert straw into hole. I used the straw from a sippy cup, but you could probably use any straw. Longer the better.
6. Start sucking!!

Because of the size and shape of the bulb, do not worry about getting snot in your mouth (gag!). The snot stays in the bulb easily.

While this didn't work as well as a true Nose Frida, it worked 10 times better than the bulb itself and I was able to relieve M of some of the stuffiness and stop the snot from running down her nose. I couldn't have been happier to get home early this morning though and use the Nose Frida. You could not believe the difference in her mood after I did use it - she was able to breathe and was instantly more comfortable!

So help your kid out - stop wiping away the boogers and start sucking them out!! They will thank you for it...and so will I!


  1. Thanks for the idea! I shared with a mom in need. There is nothing worse than your little one suffering and you know there is more that can be done.

    1. Thanks for the idea! A used gas drops bottle with a hole snipped in the rubber tip is even more comfy for your baby's nose.Also used a pliable rubber tubing left over from my nebulizer.

  2. This is amazing!!! I can't find our nose frida and knew there would be a crafty mama who has a diy method for one. This is perfect. While I don't have the exact items, you gave me the foundation of how to begin. Thank you!!

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