Monday, September 26, 2011

Life is Good

On Saturday we headed down to Canton to the Life is Good Festival.  I had actually won the tickets, a family four pack, so it was a treat to get there and find how great it was.  We parked in a lot and shuttle buses were running all day and evening from the parking lots.  The wait was no longer than a few minutes to load a bus.  Apparently part of the job description for working at the festival was to be cheery and chipper.   There was not one employee (and there were employees everywhere) who wasn't smiling, outgoing, and friendly.
Before we went down, I was under the impression that it was an adult event with some family friendly areas and activities, but it was actually more geared towards families.  There was a baby and toddler area, complete with a  diaper changing station and a nursing tent (how often do you find that??).  There was an entire stage devoted to kid bands as well as a great line-up for adults.  Activities ranged from sack races to a giant parachute, to performers and a bouncy house.
Sam enjoyed running around, listening to the music and visiting some of the sponsor's tents (Magic Bean toy store's grocery carts and stand, the Container Store's coloring area, Chobiani Yogurt's amazing free samples).  Chris and I grabbed beers and followed him around.  We stayed for a good portion of the day, lucking out with the weather.  I did check-out the ticket prices, which are expensive, but for a full day worth of interactive and fun activities, with so many bands, it's worth it.


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