Thursday, October 13, 2011

Get Crafty: Place Mats (or: Laminating Paper)

This is a super easy fun project for toddlers.
Step 1: have your little one create something with paper - a drawing, gluing cut out shapes, etc.
Step 2: laminate it.
That's it! You're done!

We decided to make Halloween place mats for our table. H has been working on drawing faces, so I thought doing jack o'lanterns would be a good way to reinforce where the eyes, nose and mouth go. I cut out three pumpkins and a bunch of triangles and toothy grins and H got to work with her glue. I was actually super impressed with how accurately she placed them. She had some images of carved pumpkins at her table that she was referencing, and it was pretty impressive (and adorable) how focused she was.

I had picked up some laminating sheets at Staples and after the glue had dried just followed the instructions.

With a busy week with visiting grandparents and a trip to the circus, so this was the only project we got to - but we have a bunch of pumpkins here from our pumpkin picking trip last weekend so stay tuned for some pumpkin carving fun next week!

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