Friday, October 14, 2011

More Halloween Crafts (Thank You Pinterest)

It seemed like a quick transition from summer to fall and so I'm suddenly struck by the fact that I need to find something for my children to do...inside. As I mentioned in my previous post, Pinterest has become my go-to source for crafty things I can't think of on my own. After you create Mama S's placemats, try some of these:

  • Super Easy Frankenstein Pudding Cups - a little colored instant pudding, a face drawn on a plastic cup, and some crushed Oreos or chocolate chips...ta da!

  • Spider Lollipops - take out a few extra lollipops and dig into the stash of pipe cleaners and you have a darling little treat, perfect for a "boo bag"

  • Seasonal Luminaries - great use for all those bits and pieces you have laying around...and you can make them more or less scary depending on the age of your child

  • Gross Pumpkin - A pumpkin eating a leg, complete with fake blood? Perfect for my four year old...

  • Ghost and Skeleton Rocks - Paint some rocks white and then let the kids draw scary faces with black marker. Perfect little decoration for trick or treating.

You'll find tons of other ideas here and throughout the rest of Pinterest.

If you're looking for a great source of low cost crafty supplies, check out Discount School Supply. I buy a whole bunch of interesting stuff once a year. Great to have on hand...and a good idea for holiday presents as well. Even better if you have a friend to split the stuff with. I don't know when we'll realistically be able to work through the billions of popsicle sticks I have.

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