Friday, October 21, 2011

Lakeshore Learning Center: Where have you been all my life?

While taking an art class with M recently I asked the teacher where the center got most of their art supplies for the classes. She told me Lakeshore Leaning Center. What is this place? I had never heard of such a store before? Could there be an art store that I don't know of?

Yesterday I decided to go on an adventure with my mom and M in search of this mysterious place. After some online research I discovered that Lakeshore is actually a teacher/classroom supply store. I was even more excited for this adventure. I have always had thoughts about being a teacher (but then I remember that I don't like other peoples kids - except yours of course :) and have vivid memories of playing "teacher" with my little brother to the point of setting up a mini classroom in our childhood playroom. I love all things art supplies so I couldn't wait to get there.

I walked into Lakeshore Learning Center and said "I'm home!" Well, I didn't say that out loud of course...but I got so freaking excited the second I walked in the doors. I quickly ditched my child with her grandma, grabbed a basket and went on my own personal journey in search of crafty goodness. And boy was I in luck! You name it they have it...I got silk flowers, bags of foam shapes, cardboard cutouts of holiday shapes, paint, brushes...all of the fun stuff that I envision M and I creating with.

They have everything you could ever imagine for classrooms, both legit ones at schools and ones that you are creating in your house for your own child (what? Am I the only one doing this?) and it is all crazy reasonably priced.

They even have a large selection of toys, games and books for kids in this large colorful Mecca. You would have though I was teaching my own art class at home with the way I was busting through that store and piling things into my basket.

Lakeshore also offers drop in art classes on Saturday mornings, which we might try in the next few weeks and report back.

I am sure all you teachers out there reading this think I am totally crazeballs, but I was so pleasantly surprised with the selection at Lakeshore. I can't recommend it enough to those crafty moms looking for new at-home projects to do with their kids.

Of course as soon as we got home all M wanted to do was dump the bags of foam shapes on the floor and walk away, but we will get there. I will have her on Work Of Art in no time!!

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