Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spoiler Alert

No I don't have any inside info about how this season of Gossip Girl will end (does anyone but me still watch that wretched show?)...but I am here to admit out loud that I spoil my kid like crazy.

Wanna come inside my playhouse?
Too bad..
Before I had kids I totally judged my friends for buying their kids a lot of toys, and clothing, and fancy gear. I would sit in these playrooms that were filled wall-to-wall with toys galore and think, "my kid will never have this many toys! Why would they need so much?!" But here I am, with a very active 22 month old, and a playroom overflowing with toys, gadgets, playhouse, tent, chalkboard, trains, bins, books, playdough and instruments galore.

99% of this was not bought for a birthday, or Christmas, just simply crap that I have purchased, on a weekly (if not daily) basis for my spoiled little monkey. And you know what? She would be totally happy with 1/100th of the things she has. Hell, she would be happy playing with pots and pans, but I am home with her every day, and if she is playing with it, I have to play with it, and I get bored very easily.

And then there are the grandparents, who like to spoil M like she is the Queen of Sheeba. Every time my mom visits she has new clothes, new toys, old toys of mine, and all sorts of crazy crap for M to enjoy. Case and point: we went to a baptism party on Sunday, for one of my best friend's daughter, and at this party M got to spend time in a playhouse that belonged to my friend's son. She spent probably about 5 minutes in the actual house (and totally became possessive of it and wouldn't even let the kid whose house it was in it without throwing a fit), but because she was smiling and enjoying herself we are now the proud owners of an even bigger playhouse, thanks to Grandma. And M could not be happier. I think if I would let her, she would sleep in this house, which now resides in our ever-so-crowded playroom.

It has gotten to the point where almost every day I feel like I buy something for M. Anything from clothes online to straws she points out at the supermarket. I know she is only 22 months old, but am I already setting a terrible example? I don't even think twice before buying her an Elmo book she sees out of the corner of her eye, what happens when she is older and wants something like a new iPhone (and at this rate that will be when she is 4 :)?

Growing up I was very fortunate to be spoiled by my parents. My father was gone for a lot of my childhood, due to work, so he loved to spoil my brother and I...in the form of cars. My mother would take me shopping and have a personal shopper pick out clothes for me at Bloomingdales. But despite all of these material things we turned out to be pretty awesome, down to earth people, thanks to strict discipline from our parents in addition to the spoiling. While it was an extreme case (not many kids get to go to the Lexus dealership and pick out their new SUV when they are 18 years old, but still have to be home by 10 PM at night) it totally worked in the end.

Like I said above, a lot of times I buy things for her because I need something new to play with. There are only so many times that I can play with her Playmobile Ark, make a flower out of Playdoh or draw a rainbow on the chalkboard. Right now our playroom could entertain a daycare of 10 kids on a daily basis. I will be the first to admit that I have totally gone overboard.

My mom asked me what I am going to get her for Christmas this year and it made me realize that as she gets older I need to save some of these indulgences for that special time of year, not buy something whenever I get the impulse to spend money. Every day is Christmas for M!

Have I created a monster (in myself)? Does she realize that she gets whatever she wants? Is this normal? Why does this child have me wrapped around her finger? What the hell do I get the kid, who is only 22 months old,  that has everything for Christmas?

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