Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The adorable quirks of Miss M

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My child is an odd duck, which makes me love her even more. She has so many little adorable quirky habits that make her unlike any other child I have met. Sometimes it makes me think she might be crazy, but then I remember who her mother is and realize it is just the genes I have passed on to her. Every day she makes me laugh, and every day is full of more drama than the next. Of course sprinkled throughout each day there are moments when I want to smack her bottom and just walk out the door and leave the pooch to watch her, but then she does one of the following and I just smile and thank my lucky stars for such an awesome kid.

She sings...all day long. When M wakes up in the morning she doesn't call out for my husband or I, she starts to sing. The latest song stuck on repeat is Jingle Bells. This morning I was awoken to "Jinga Bells, Jinga Bells, jinga aw dah wayyyyyy! Oh wha fun it iz to ri eina bah bah do dee say. HAY!" You can't help but start your day with a smile...well you can if that is the same song she has been singing for 24 hours straight.

She sings...when she poops. Yes in 10 years she will kill me for telling the world that she sings when she poops, but it is so cute. Picture Jingle Bells above, but much angrier and red faced. Makes me laugh every time.

She talks during movies...during the entire movie. I hate with a passion when people talk during movies. You pay $15 just for the ticket and you have to listen to the old lady next to you doing a play by play? Forget it. I will shush her until the cows come home. My mother made the "slow turn around with a stern look on your face" famous. You open your candy during a quiet scene? Forget it - you get a look. But M? She can talk during the whole movie for all I care, because it is freaking hysterical!! "Oh no Buzz! Don't go in there! Woody! Fasta! Fasta! Nemo's mommy! So sad! Swimming! Just keep swimming!" It is cute because she is 38 inches tall, and two years old, but if someone did this in the movie theater I would lay down the law.

She doesn't say "yes"...ever. A few months ago my husband pointed out that when you ask M a yes or no question, and the answer is yes, she never says the word yes. She says "I do" or "I did." Do you want to go in the playroom? I do! Did you go poops? I did! Do you want mac n cheese? I do mama! I have no idea where she got this, but she never has to say yes for all I care.

She loves to dance...with me. There is a scene in the movie Princess and the Frog (her latest obsession) where the two frogs do this slow dance together, and probably the second time we watched it M stood up and put her hand out to me and said "come on mama, dance with me like the froggies!" And my heart melted. So now every time we watch that movie we do our little dance together, including lifts, dips and other tricks. But now it has gone to spur of the moment requests to dance, like in our class today she asked me to dance, and how could I say no?! A girl after my own dancing heart.

Everything is Silly or Cute...everything. You give her a banana - so cute mama! Banana is so cute! You give her a strawberry cut up, she will pick up a little piece and put it in her hand and say "Little Strawberry! Oh so cute and little!" Anything that is little is "so cute!" and everyone she meet is is "so silly!" Our dog is the silliest and she just sits there and licks her bum - the dog that is.

She loves to water the plants, get the mail and clean up...yes clean up! My dad got her hooked on watering his flowers in Florida, and now every plant she sees (indoor and out in the cold) - "I wanna water! Needs water mama!" I think my parents are to blame with the mail obsession too. She loves getting the mail, she loves going through the mail and pretending like it is for her. She has a little playhouse in her playroom that has a mail slot, and anything she can stick through there is "mail" be it receipts, credit cards, a scrap of paper. And if she spills something, or there is a mess on the ground, she runs to the pantry to get the broom to "clean up clean up mommy!" Of course that consists of her just dragging the broom behind her back and forth, but it is "so cute!"

I feel like I say this all the time, but 2 is definitely my favorite age so far. She is finally old enough to understand so much, and get so much more out of every day. We have tea parties, she cooks me fake lunch in her little play kitchen, she finally loves to color, and she even loves to try on jewelry and play with all my beads.

If only she didn't love to hit me, she might just be the perfect child! Oh and whine for the iPad, and not eat her dinner, and try to throw her dinner on the floor, and pour water on the pooch, or dump the pooch's food on the floor...ok, the list could go on, but you get the picture - she is a typical awesome 2 year old!


  1. Ava is currently obsessed with both "Jingle Bells" and "Happy Birthday". Every day since her birthday, we have to sing Happy Birthday to Ava at the dinner table - I may have created a monster :)

    Toddler quirks are adorable!

  2. So, I read your post yesterday morning at my desk (a nice morning boost). I later had to go home to cover the afternoon because our nanny had a doctor appointment. I really needed my girls (fraternal twins right around M's age - 2 in December) to take a good nap so I could get some work done. Instead, at 2:08, I hear L, who usually naps until about 3:00, loudly belting out Jingle Bells over the monitor. Shortly thereafter, I hear E (who's in another room upstairs) singing "where oh where is [fill in the blank]"! It would have been good to get more work done, but really, who can complain?

    Fast forward about an hour, and we're driving past a school, and L says "silly school bus"!