Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Adorable Quirks of Moodle McGee

In a week my little M (aka Moodle) will be 2 and a half years old. Every day with her is truly a gift as my husband and I have been blessed with a kooky, dramatic, loving, ridiculously smart kid. Every day she makes us laugh - I call my husband at work at least twice a day and tell him some crazy story about something she said or did. She is seriously awesome (99% of the time) and I figured I would share some of her adorable quirks with all of you, because some are just too funny not to share (and some lead me to believe she had a little touch of OCD...but anyhoo!)

1. Run Moodle Run! About a year ago I took her to see a pediatric orthopedist because she still wasn't walking on her own, and her feet were turned out. I was told "she will never be a runner with legs turned out like this, but she will eventually walk just fine." Well doc - you should see her now. I cannot stop her from running. If she could, she would run all day long. Her favorite thing to do is to run laps around the house, or even just back and forth in a room, for a long period of time and say "Look Mama! I'm runnin'!" To which of course we are all "run baby! Run!!" People who see it for the first time think it is hilarious, which it is, because she gets this intense look on her face, and she still doesn't know what the heck to do with her arms (much like Ricky Bobby when being interviewed.) Don't think we will ever be going back to that doctor again!

M with a giant lollipop -
which actually resembles
her body shape
2. How many licks? As of late she has been requesting lollipops all throughout the day. The funny thing about this is that I don't know how she actually learned about them (as I had never given her one). When she receives a lollipop she actually doesn't even put it in her mouth, she just likes to hold it. If I tell her to lick it she does and says "Mmmm...that's delish," but will refuse to lick it again! She will keep said lollipop in her hand for the rest of the day unless I tell her to put it in the trash.

3. The girl who coughed wolf. If you cough or sneeze around M, she will immediately fake or cough sneeze herself. And I mean if we are out and about and some old lady is coughing her brains out (as happened last week) M will immediately start imitating her and say something like "I'm coughing! I'm sick!" This also happens when someone sneezes, but at least she knows to say "bless you!" after she fake sneezes.

4. Stay in the car please. Lately she has developed this strange behavior every time we pull into the garage and I try to get her out of the car. "I wanna stay in the car please," she says and looks at me with this big grin on her face. To avoid a fight I let her stay in the car for a few minutes, and she sits there playing with her carseat buckles, and singing to herself. Today I left her in there for a good 5 minutes while I unloaded groceries and still when I went to get her out she said "Mama, I wanna stay in the car still." So I let her and when I peaked into the garage she was just sitting in there, looking out the window and singing. I guess she just needed some alone time.

5. Fall in line toys! M has developed a habit of lining up her toys, or stacking her toys perfectly on top of each other. She has a ton of little figurines and likes to line them up in a straight line at times. While I think this is funny (and a little OCD) the funniest thing I have seen her do lately is knock all her toys over from a standing position. I placed all her little figures standing up on her little table, and I came in to find her laying them all down. I started to stand them up and she said "No Mama! They are all sleeping!" So I let her continue to lay them all down.  The other day at Target she moved every can of silly string (probably about 80 of them) from the shelf they were on to the empty shelf that was above them. When she wasn't looking I grabbed a handful and tried to speed up the process, as when I tried to get her to move away from this project she told me "No Mama! Not done! Bye bye Mama!" I let her finish and she said "all better!" and we went about our business. This I am hoping remains a cute toddler quirk and does't manifest itself into some bigger OCD issue in the future - for now I think of it as just hilariously crazy!

What do your toddlers do that make you laugh? Any adorable quirky things you want to share?

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