Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hot Child In The City

Summer is unofficially upon us folks...

Memorial day weekend is over...June is right around the corner. This year is flying by for sure!

With the temperatures in the high 70s, we are already looking for ways to beat the heat. And without a pool in our backyard that means that the hose has become a part of our daily outdoor routine. Last year I had purchased a baby blow up pool that we put on the deck and M did her lounging and sitting thing, but this year with her being much more active, I wanted to find something a little more "big kid" friendly.

I found the amazing contraption pictured at the right for $30 at Target last week. Thankfully I have an electric pump to blow it up with, as my former smoker lungs or my husband's asthmatic lungs wouldn't have been able to hack it. Once it is blown up you attach the hose to the little nozzle, and water comes squirting out of different places to keep your babe cool.

What you see M doing in the photo is what she calls "goin' swimmin' " (which looks suspiciously like her lounging and sitting she was doing last year.) And "swim" we did a lot this weekend...Mama did more of lounging with her feet in the "pool" as the last thing I want my neighbors to see is my fat pregnant ass in a swimming suit! Speaking of which, M now only likes to go in the pool after doing a Full Monty, which of course is still cute when you are 2 years old!

Other ways we beat the heat was to simply just spray each other with the hose, play in the water table, and sit inside in the AC. Exciting I know! Thankfully my parents are now here for the summer and we can visit them in RI and go swimming in a real pool!

How do you plan to beat the heat this summer, if you don't have a swimming pool to swim in??

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