Monday, May 7, 2012

Is your kid wearing the right shoe size?

I have only had M's foot measured twice in her life. When I start to notice shoes getting snug, I go up a size. I don't actually take her somewhere to get her foot measured when I buy new shoes, as most of the times I am buying them online, so I just kind of most people do.

I know lots of my friends recently had their kids feet measured and to their surprise their kid was wearing shoes at least one size too small! No wonder they were walking funny...ha!

I recently came across this amazing application for the iPad called Foot Fairy. You simple place your child's foot on the iPad screen (of course wipe off all the foot funk first - and place your kid on your lap, don't have them stand on the device!) and it automatically measures your child's foot. Make sure that you do it 2-3 times to ensure that you are getting an accurate reading.

It is ingenius if you ask me. Turns out that M is wearing shoes that are a size too small for her, as I suspected. If you have an iPad totally download it and make sure your kid is wearing the correct shoe size!