Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our baby is one!

Our little miss is one today!  Amazing. What a milestone for her and for us.  I have lots of friends who are expecting and due soon, and every time I see a beautiful pregnant woman, I just take a deep breath thinking back to this last year.  It was such a blur, a true roller coaster: the all-consumingness of newbornhood complicated by little miss’ week-long hospitalization for bronchiolitis at two weeks of age, and by the day-to-day challenge of caring for two young children, all the while sleep-deprived.

With the dude’s first birthday, I was 100% excited for this milestone. With little miss’ birthday, I feel bittersweetness all around.  Little miss is cruising, with walking just around the corner.  She’s communicating more with signs and some words.  She’s showing some likes, dislikes, and strong opinions.  That’s my girl.

We have decided to have two children, so we are slowly saying goodbye to the baby stage…forever.  And though I am delighted with my little miss’ birthday, I also feel wistful.  So with every diaper change, I sniff and pretend-chomp on those still chubby baby feet and zerbert that cute baby tummy and those yummy baby thighs.  I take in that six-teeth smile and kiss those pillowy cheeks.  And I count my lucky stars.  Our baby is healthy, happy and now one!   


  1. Happy birthday little miss!! And I know what you mean about knowing you are done having kids...well, not exactly, but as I sit here pregnant with my second, I know that we are only going to have two kids...That is what we always talked about, that is what we both want. And just knowing that this is the last time I will be pregnant, the last time I will have a baby of my own, etc., makes me a little sad too! But not sad enough to get on the 3 kids train.

    I also have a more permanent decision to make because I due to something that happened during my pregnancy with M, my frozen embryos seem to be the only way that I will ever conceive again. Being that there are still 2 left after this pregnancy, I need to make a decision whether or not to keep them, or discard of them and be done with baby making forever - like period, end of sentence.

    I had to go to a friends house yesterday to get a baby fix and chew on some fat little feet, so I totally understand where you are coming from!!

    1. i totally relate...been thinking about this ever since i was pregnant with little miss as well! our friends/family who are parents of grown children always talk about how wistful they are seeing their children grow up. one of the many joys and sadnesses of parenting. reminds me of the expression i've heard that goes something like: "with children, the days are long but the years fly fast..."

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