Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Dreaded Dropoff and Touchpoints

At the request of one of the lovely moms on this board, I was going to come on and write a note about getting ready for preschool drop-offs.  In an attempt to look somewhat intelligent and to ensure that I didn't go against "expert" advice, I googled the subject.  And now I don't need to write a post!  I found this article by Joshua Sparrow M.D., one of the authors of Touchpoints.  So now, this post will have two purposes.

1) Hear Me Gush About Touchpoints.  Buy this book.  I find that if your child is nearing 3, buy the version for older kids and for younger kids.  If you have questions about ANYTHING, you will find it in this book - adjusting to a new sibling, potty training, hitting, biting, school.  It has been around forever and really is the gold standard.  You can read the book and the article above and you will be far better off than listening to me about preschool...

2) Hear Me Talk About Preschool Anyway.  Even if your kid has been in daycare, preschool dropoffs will be hard.  Talk about it in advance, but not so much to scare them.  Casually mention it and make sure to let them know you'll return and how much fun they'll have.  I fully agree with Sparrow when he mentions pre pre-school playgroups with other kids in the class.  However, regardless of what you do, there will be tears.  There could be tears for weeks or even months.  But it will be okay - for both you and your child.  Walk them in the door, make sure they're situated with a friend or a teacher or a toy, reassure them you'll be back, and then leave.  Don't linger.  If you need to for your own sanity, linger outside the door where they can't see.  Expect some crying.  And maybe lots of crying on the first few days, but they'll get the hang of it.  Better now than kindergarten.  Now, go home and go to the bathroom by yourself.  Put your feet up.  See, I told you it would be okay!

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