Friday, June 22, 2012

The final countdown

Yeah it's hot outside. As I type this I am sitting inside my house, with all the curtains and shades drawn, with the AC on full blast, and I am still sweaty. I moved to Boston in 1996 for college to escape the heat of Florida (well that was one reason) so I am not a fan of this humid weather. I would honestly take 3 feet of snow outside over this swampy mess, but I think I feel so strongly about that now because not only is it record hot outside, but I am 31 weeks pregnant and a swollen fat beast of a woman...the final countdown for baby #2 has begun!

When people find out that we only have two months left until this baby girl arrives the first question they ask is, "are you ready?" And my answer is always, "I am ready to not be pregnant, but not ready to have another child."

I washed some of M's old baby clothes, does that count as ready?

I feel like once I start to get ready that this will all seem real. Not that I don't have, what I consider, a giant baby sitting very low on my bladder growing in my stomach - that does make it pretty real of course! But I have yet to cross things off my list to actually prepare myself, my house, my husband, my daughter, etc. for the arrival of this new baby.

There is painting to be done, rooms to be swapped around and set up, things to be cleaned, purchases to be made, items to be borrowed from friends...all things I have been putting off for weeks now.

As of late I have been focusing on trying to rest and stay comfortable, as well as enjoy my life as it is now, baby-free and somewhat relaxing. But damn if I could only enjoy a margarita in this heat!!

The other thing people ask me is "do you have a name picked out?" and to that question I just stare blankly at them and shake my head. Truthfully we don't have a name picked out - we have a list of about 15 names that we like but not one we truly love. M's name came so easily to us - it was a combination of my husband's mother's name, who passed away when he was young, and my grandmother's name, and M's middle name is my other grandmother's name. Easy peasy. It met all of our qualifications - it was rare (not seen in PB Kids catalogue), not too odd, easy to pronounce and say, it honors family members, it is androgynous (which has always been something my husband and I wanted in a name), and super cool (at least that is what everyone who hears it says). Little did we know we would have a lot to live up to with the naming of this second child!

Thinking about this baby's name keeps me up at night - so does thinking about all we have to do. But more so than anything what keeps me up at night is preparing M for all of this. We started to visit her school, at which she is starting "summer camp" in 3 weeks and our first visit was somewhat of a disaster. We were actually asked to leave and come back when she wasn't so tired and cranky - in the nicest way of course as the teachers don't want her associating school with bad times. We have two visits set up for next week so fingers crossed she starts to enjoy spending time there. Her world is about to be rocked by this new baby and I just want her to be settled into a happy place by the time her sister comes. One can hope!

So for now I will sit in my AC, putz on my computer while M naps away and enjoy my peace and quiet...and giant glass of water...which I will pretend is a Margarita with fresh lime juice and Patron Silver.

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