Saturday, June 23, 2012

Little luxuries

Every now and then I feel the need to recognize and give a shout out for products that make my "mom" life easier. Today I'm loving two items: Clouds and Stars zipper crib sheets ( and my Inglesina Fast Table Chair ( Two very unrelated, but well-loved, products in our life. The crib sheets I happened upon by accident, but once I started using one set, I bought two more. Every time I come into my child's room in the morning and see the sheet could use changing, I appreciate how I don't have to lift up the mattress, etc. to do so. Small issue, I know, and maybe I'm just being a lazy mom, but aren't all moms allowed a few lazy moments to save their sanity? I think the Fast Table Chair is also a luxury, but we use it often enough it's a regular part of our repertoire. It's awesome. Easy on and easy off, and our 15-month old loves being able to sit right at the table (and reach everything he shouldn't have). Today, when my husband and I were suffering under the delusion that our son would behave just fine while we all went out to dinner at an "adult" establishment, and the little one "corrected" that thinking, it was easy for me to ask for the food to go, hand over a credit card, and detatch and fold up the chair all at once. I love quick exits. Anyone want to add a product to the "shout out" list?


  1. Um, how did I not know about those zipper crib sheets?? Amazing! I will be purchasing those for baby #2.

    The one product I can't live without is the Nose Frida. I have talked about it 100 times on this blog because I think it is the best invention ever. I cannot stand kids with runny noses - there is no need for that snotty mess!! Frida them - ASAP.

  2. I have 8 mo old twins and an almost 3 year old. My valco double stroller with the joey seat is a life saver. Its a monster, but I can get out of the house with ALL THREE KIDS BY MYSELF! Enough said.

  3. Blooming Bath! Zoli vibrating nail file!