Friday, June 8, 2012

Interesting Reads 06.08.12

- Suzanne Weber published some hysterical poems from the point of view of your baby. I promise you will laugh when you read these. 

- If anyone else loves Star Wars as much as I do, you will wish you could get your hands on these for your kids room, but alas, we can only admire from afar! How talented is this guy??

- Congrats to Children's Hospital of Boston for topping the list of Best Children's Hospitals in the US!

- This is a pretty true to life telling of the nightly bedtime adventure most parents experience. Don't we all look forward to that moment when they are sound asleep and you get your well deserved me time!

- My favorite blogger/writer, Una LaMarche, once again feels like she is in my head with her latest piece for the Observer. Any mom that likes her sauce should check out this hysterical piece!

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