Thursday, June 14, 2012

PS. The dude is three!

I realized I've been so wrapped up with little Miss’ illness, that I almost forgot it was the dude’s birthday yesterday. Well, not really forgot, but it has not been in the forefront of my mind, to say the least. So the day before his birthday, after racing home from the pediatrician’s office, I said bye to our nanny and hustled like any good mother would.

Went to buy kosher cupcakes at whole foods--though they said they had them on the phone, they weren't marked kosher. Major bummer. Since his preschool is in a synagogue, they can be kinda strict.  I wasn’t going to take any risk—my child’s birthday treats were going to pass the test.   So I bought two-bite brownies instead, which were smaller and probably more kid-size, and some fruit-y cookies.  Both hermetically sealed with the pareve sign prominently displayed.

Then went to our neighborhood toy store Stellabella to pick up a gift and card—can you believe my husband and I hadn’t bought anything for our child until the day before his birthday?? For shame!  So I settled on a tool belt and toolbox that he can use to “fix it” around the house (the dude loves anything to do with tools or machines). I started feeling faint…and realized in my frenzy to prepare, I had never eaten lunch. So I went to the all star pizza bar to have a funky slice and lemonade (Kind of luxurious, really, to sit alone and chew leisurely for a change).  Got home before “the gang” (our nanny, little miss & the dude) came home and hid everything out of sight.

The dude thoroughly enjoyed yesterday.  In the morning, I came to get him when his alarm clock light went on, and we sang him "happy birthday"--he said, "I wanna go downstairs and see the cake." Hmm.  He's too funny, that child. Biggest sweet tooth in the whole world, second only to his daddy.

Given the said sweet tooth, I didn't make a big deal about the brownies or cookies.  Packed them surreptitiously in the stroller.  Of course, observant as always, once we got to preschool, the dude wanted to know why I had a grocery bag with me.  I had to come clean and explained the treats--and boy was he excited to show them off to his teachers.  They made a big fuss over him when he got to school.  I came early for pick-up; after lunch they sang happy birthday and shared the treats.  He loved the attention.  To be honest, he tends to act up (no surprise) when little miss is ill and we are fussing over her, so it was nice to have a good reason to shower him with more attention yesterday. On the way home, he offered his commentary on the day so far: “I’ve had a big day mama, I’ve had a big day.”

Last surprise yesterday were cupcakes for dessert, and another round of “happy birthday” with daddy.  Three candles, three cupcakes.  He proceeded to finish the frosting of his in a flash, and kindly offered to finish the frosting off of our cupcakes.   Sure, kiddo, no problem. It’s your birthday!

I can't believe three years ago yesterday my husband and I became parents.  It's kind of crazy, really.  Sleepless nights and childhood illnesses aside, it's a wonderful ride.

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