Saturday, June 2, 2012

sick with children...

Hey there all you lovely mamas, papas and all others!
I a new addition to this blog and this is going to be my first input into cyberspace!

I woke up last weekend feeling kinda tired, but then that's most mornings, my lovely little girl wakes up usually around 6 either for a bottle of milk or just because she can! She was this time teething and had a touch of Roseola, a herpes-strain, like the chickenpox (but different) that babies tend to get anytime between 6 months to 3 years, well it was high temps,screams and feeling very uncomfortable, plus the teeth and the heat and goodness knows what else. She was not happy and that pain of love and sadness I get in my chest when she's unhappy was growing by the minute, I also had friends visiting from Berlin so it was a few days of lots and lots to do mixed with lots and lots of fun and lots and lots of screams...
(My baba is feeling better now!)

But all this strain has certainly taken it's toll, on Monday I felt even more tired, my baby felt even worse and my poor friends were sleep deprived, anyway we went on with our day as most people do and by night time we were all exhausted, but seeing as it was the last day of my friends visiting we also went out for dinner.
On Tuesday I was meant to be back to work (I nanny a little amazing baby girl, only 4 days younger then mine) But my baba wasn't just feeling it, still very tender, very little, temp and all. Meanwhile I felt worse and worse, but we mamas don't really get the opportunity to be sick, do we? Or maybe some do, my hubby works non stop and when he comes home at night he doesn't want to have to deal with sick mamas, I can totally understand that.
I don't want to have to deal with it either, but still we do, we still get up at 6 to feed our babas coz they are the most important thing we take care of and love and I'm one of those people who cannot rest during the day, my head is spinning with all the to do's and lists and letters and what not, so by the time my heart and head has slowed down my baba is up again.
And even though her smile makes me feel amazing I am still sick and maybe it's time for me to get a mama nanny, lol... Someone to wipe my snot, to fetch me my water bottle...
What do you all do when you are sick and you are the only adult around? Smile and keep on smiling...
Anyway, this is my rant for the week, I just want to let people know that life isn't always that easy, it's not always petals and sunshine even though with a baby there is always a silver lining..

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  1. It is tough having a sick baby and a sick mama. We had fifth disease this week at our house and mama was sick with a flu-ish virus as well. Bad combo! But there is something sweet about a sick baby, they just want to be held, and so did I, so it worked out. We are feeling better and I hope you guys are too!