Sunday, July 15, 2012

Heat crazy

Summer is officially here, and I'm feeling hot. We recently moved from a central-air cooled loft to a window-shaker cooled flat, and the hum from the a/c is nearly constant in the background. As such, I've been on the hunt for low-cost and relatively easy warm-weather toddler-friendly activities. We have a water table and sprinkler in the backyard, know where all the spray parks are, and have spent more time than I'd like to admit at the mall just for the indoor play space. My son gets stir crazy if we don't leave the house by mid-morning, so right around nine, we head out. I'd love to hear what other moms and kids do for fun. I'm even considering riding the bus or train just for the a/c and people watching.

We went to the spray park today, and it was clear we're not the only ones looking to cool off. The place was packed with adorable little kids, in various swim suits, rash guards and hats, soaked to the bone. Of course, my son's attention span is minimal, so before long we had to move on to the swings, slide, etc. nearby. While I'd love to plan an outing to the beach, swimming hole, etc., the effort to get ourselves equipped and out the door compared to the length of time we'd spend there -- well, let's just say they call this time the "lazy days of summer" for a reason! Until I come up with a new idea, I'll see you all on the T.


  1. We love the indoors during this heat & humidity wave:

    Children's Museum
    Science Museum

    This is my store so I'm biased... The Play Space at Coco Baby in the South End is cool and air-conditioned and open every afternoon - bring friends for a play date (drop-in fee applies)

  2. Thankfully M has camp 3 days a week now so I am off the hook most days (as she naps for 3 hours when she gets home) but on the two days she has off we fill up the blow up pool outside and have a naked swim party (her not me :)...most days we spend a lot of time inside our house though in the AC! Also visits to the grandparents where there is a big pool and a boat to take out...