Monday, July 16, 2012

>>>Back To School<<<

I love that this topic is heating up right now! And it is the first time that I get to be a part of the 'Back To School' rush since I was myself in school (many many years ago...) so I'm very excited and trying to approach it with some level of advance prepartion (against my nature).

Mama J kicked off the school preparation story last week and I am in the same mode so I hope to learn something from her story part 2 coming this week!

I've curated some of my favorite pieces that I imagine relate to a well-prepared toddler entering school...

1) A Backpack that is just her size, super cute and stylish, and features a chest strap for secure toting and a detachable hot/cold lunch box!
2) An Eat & Play smock to keep her threads clean
3) Food storage containers like a Bento Box
4) A Sigg water bottle for keeping hydrated
5) Mabel's Labels - for the clothes, the bags, the shoes, the gear and everything in between!

For all you experienced moms, please chime in and help us new parents get well-prepared without becoming new-to-school victims! Some tricks for new players would be greatly appreciated. And advice on which labels work best for clothing - iron-on vs sticker...

Stop by online at Coco Baby (**Coming soon!**) for access to all these Back To School goodies. And mention BostonBabyMama for 10% off your purchase.

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  1. Some great things, but Sigg water bottles are lined with BPA plastic. Kleen Kanteen are only stainless steel.