Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Three's company

Recently I’ve had a hard time scheduling play dates for my kids. It’s been a real bummer.  I love a good play date: the combo of seeing the dude play with his friends and little miss getting in on the action, all the while being able to sneak in a little catch-up time with my mama friends. But we’re in full-on Boston summer mode: many of our friends have been enjoying the summer on vacation or have been catching up on work in between.  We have missed them.

During my afternoons with the kids these past few weeks, I’ve been flying solo: just me, the dude and little miss.  Thankfully, the glorious summer weather means that I don’t have to be too creative: just pile everyone in that trusty double stroller and go to the park.  Of course, there’s a ton of organization to do beforehand: sippy cups, snacks, diapers, extra clothes and towel (for the sprinklers), etc piled in the diaper bag.  Sunscreen to apply on everyone before we head out, hats to put on, and shoes.  Don’t forget the loveys.  But once we’re out of the house, it’s pretty easy-breezy, all things considered. 

Yesterday in particular was a joy. Some highlights: the dude showed off his new skills of putting on his shoes AND of climbing in the double stroller, "all by myself."  Little miss was in a great mood, and forever helpful, reminded me to put on my sunglasses. Thank you, dear. Once outside, first the dude, then little miss, wanted me to pick some flowers from our garden.  Clutching their flowers, the kids looked super-cute as they cruised in their stroller and enjoyed the view.  The dude alerted little miss to her favorite little sparrows on the sidewalk.  Once we got to the park, they enjoyed their snack bars together. Playtime included the dude directing a little “parade” of the little miss and me, and the kids taking turns pushing each other on the swing.  Everyone headed happily back for dinner, a little sweaty but content, with matching sippy cups of milk in hand.

Usually those afternoons don’t go quite as smoothly—there might be something amiss, say grumpiness post-nap or a struggle over some toy or snack—but yesterday was unusually chill. Was it good planning on my part, their getting in to a groove with each other, or just plain old serendipity?  Whatever it was, it was simply magical.  Three is company after all.

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