Thursday, July 26, 2012



I've been hearing this a lot lately. And I've been getting a lot of "you must be so ready!" and "any day now!"

Hmm, maybe these horizontal stripes
aren't doing me any favors ...

But the thing is, I'm only 27 weeks pregnant. With 13 long weeks ahead of me, I'm barely flirting with my third trimester. And I'm ok with that. I'm still pretty comfortable (unlike poor Mama J!) and honestly, we need those 13 weeks to get our lives in order. We're crazy enough to be going ahead with a home renovation during this time, and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that contractors aren't at my house when I go into labor. Plus, S starts her new preschool in mid-September, and we need that month of transition time to settle everyone into the new schedule before life turns upside down again.

So again, I'm good with my 27 weeks. It's everyone around me who seems to have a problem with it. I mean, I actually seem to embarrass people with my due date. For instance, I was approached by a nice, elderly lady the other day, who, eyeing my large belly, asked me, "When are you due, dear?" "Late October," I replied cheerfully. "Oh!" she gasped, and then, recovering from her shock, she patted my arm and comforted me, "well, that's ok." 

It sure is, lady. It's ok that I'm huge. It's ok that shirts that had fit during my entire first pregnancy no longer cover my belly. It's ok that I can't put the dishes away on the higher shelves because I can't get close enough to the cabinets. And it's ok that my pregnancy waddle is kicking in early. I'm ok with it, because I know that my baby girl is ok with it. With the extra square footage, she flips and shimmies inside of me, growing bigger and stronger by the day.

So yeah, I've popped. And I'm kind of proud of it.


  1. You look wonderful! And don't look big at all! But I feel your pain as I have been getting the "any day now" comments and looks since I was like 24 weeks along.

  2. Just lie, if they make you feel uncomfortable. Not the best answer, but it is definitely what I did. I would round up the number of weeks because people would say that to me all the time! I had two very large babies and I have a very short torso, so I didn't "carry well" either pregnancy. :) Hang in there.. and enjoy all 13 weeks!

  3. I'm 25 weeks now, and a few weeks ago we went out to dinner. A woman next to me asked when I was due and and when I said "November" she goes "whoa!" and then asks "twins?" I just stared at her. Seriously? Twins? First of all, I'm not that big (neither are you btw!) and second of all, I feel like that such a ridiculous assumption. If I was pregnant with twins, it would probably be the first thing out of my mouth every time someone asked!

    Since then I get a lot of "any day now" comments. I started getting them around this time with my daughter, and it's even more comforting to know other women get these stupid comments too!