Friday, July 27, 2012

What I Will And Won't Miss About Being Pregnant

As I near the end of this second pregnancy I continue to ride emotional roller coaster that is being pregnant. These last couple weeks with a bun in the oven are going to be incredibly bittersweet, full of tears and happiness and ends of eras and new beginnings. My husband and I have agreed from day one that we would only have two children, so these are the last few weeks of my life that I will ever be pregnant. It is a strange thing to say out loud - I will never be pregnant again (we will be taking measures to make sure it doesn't happen so no "you never know!" comments please :). It has made me think back a lot about this pregnancy and the things I will miss about being with child, and the things that I look forward to once the baby has come into this world. So here is my list for your enjoyment...

The things I will miss about being pregnant:

- The maternity clothes. Who doesn't love an elastic waistband and not having to suck it in in anything that you wear?
- The attention from other people. Having a baby bump is an automatic invitation for people to talk to you, and more importantly be nice to you! Doors are held, smiles are given, seats are given up (if you are lucky to be surrounded by people with common decency) is like you are even more important because you are gestating a human being, and damn that feels good. Once you pop that baby out though, all attention immediately switches to the child (understandably of course).
- Eating whatever I want. I know, I know, you shouldn't pig out just because your are pregnant, but I have, and I have loved every second of it. Soon gone will be the days of picking up a cupcake when shopping at Whole Foods, or having an ice cream sundae after dinner, so I am enjoying it while I can!
- Spoiling myself. I have been getting a lot more pedicures than I usually do because "my feet need a massage" and even have indulged in a few spa treatments because "I need to relax." Of course I can use those excuses once baby comes, but when will I have the time?
- Being able to park in the "expectant mother" parking at the grocery store or Babies R Us. I will say it again - why isn't there Mother with Small Children parking??? You need it more then!
- Feeling the baby move around inside me. This has always kind of creeped me out, but in a really cool way. This child has been moving around like a crazy person the last few months, and now I am even able to feel little feet when she stretches out, which, come on, is a little gross, but totally awesome! She is now the same size as M was when she was delivered (well, same age) so I have a good sense as to what she looks like sizewise, and it is just so cool to me to see her move around and fight for space with all that food I have been eating.
- Just the three of us. I am not going to lie, I am very sad that it won't be just M, my husband and I anymore. Not that I am not excited to have a new family member in our lives, but it has been just the three of us for 2.8 years now, and she has had us all to ourselves. I will miss all the alone time we get to spend together now, but of course look forward to her growing up with a little sister. I just fear her reaction once she realizes that "baby sister in Mommy's belly" is actually a living breathing human being!

The things I will NOT miss about being pregnant:

- Feeling like I was seasick on a boat for the first 4 months of the pregnancy
- My weekly progesterone injections (to stave off early labor like last time)
- The hemorrhoids, back acne, eczema, dandruff, constipation, terrible heartburn and other interesting health things
- The frequent sinus infections
- Crazy swollen, itchy hands that then get covered in hives when I scratch (this is an anomaly to my doctor!) after going from inside to humid outside
- The extra weight that I have gained making my back so bad I could hardly move (has since gotten better after rest, stretching and icing - thank you!)
- My ginormous boobs and darkening nipples - hot I know.
- The excess of hair all over my body
- Not being able to "lady-scape" without fear of cutting myself because I can't see past my belly
- Having to wear orthopedic flip flops because my feet are swollen and my back hurts so badly.
- Peeing 4-5 times a night, and not being able to sleep on my back
- Having to arrange my pregnancy pillow and two other pillows every time I roll over in bed.
- Not being able to take anything stronger than Tylenol for pain and colds

It is amazing how much different this last pregnancy has been than my first. I don't remember much about the first pregnancy but I do remember basking in the glow of being pregnant the entire time, and not having any of the above symptoms to spoil my experience. Makes me think that this baby might be the polar opposite of M in life too...hopefully she doesn't pick her nose as much as M has been lately!

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  1. She is now the same size as M was when she was delivered (well, same age) so I have a good sense as to what she looks like sizewise, and it is just so cool to me to see her move around and fight for space with all that food I have been eating.