Sunday, July 22, 2012

Top Ten Favorite Products of a First Time Mama Bird (0-3 Month Edition)

Not too long ago, another Boston Baby Mama posted about a few of her “Little Luxuries”, and since my husband and I have been traveling with “Birdie” quite a bit recently, I have realized the products I not only truly love, but miss when we don’t have them with us!  My daughter is only 3 months old, but here are my top ten, why I love them, and where I got them...

Miracle Blanket:  This has been a lifesaver for us!  When I was prepping for baby I got a ton of swaddling blankets, but we find this one fool-proof.  With the fabric arm tabs and footsie pocket, our little Houdini is rarely able to break free.

GroEgg:  I must admit, I have three of these bad boys.  Overkill?  Maybe... but I love knowing that our little bird is neither too hot nor too cold.  It is rare that I can get our house the ideal temperature, but knowing we aren’t too far off gives me peace of mind.

Blooming Bath:  The perfect bathtub for those of us with small spaces!  It is super cushioned for baby, and fits into any sink.  Our daughter’s “en suite” bathroom only has a shower, so this is ideal.  It air dries well, but also machine washes wonderfully.

Zoli Nail Trimmer:  I have multiple nail trimmers, but this is ingenious.  A miniature orbital sander (as my husband describes it to his house-flipping father) comes with four different stages of files.  I prefer to take my time using this and get those nails perfectly smooth (and it does take a while), but not having to do it more than once a week makes it worth it.

Skip Hop Treetop Play Mat:  To be honest, I was really against this one.  Picturing an assortment of brightly colored contraptions dangling over my daughter on an obnoxiously loud mat was not something I was interested in.  However, I feel like I now owe a public apology to Skip Hop--our little bird loves the little birds on the “Treetop Friends” play mat.  Another favorite?  The TinyLove one my parents keep at their house (though I still refuse to use the music and light up option).

Green Spouts Brush:  A brush is a brush is a brush, right?  WRONG!  This one is over-the-top soft, and it gets the job done.  Love love love!

iPad White Noise App “Relax Melodies HD”:  This app has a free version, and it's truly awesome.  You are able to layer background noises: whether it is starting with rain and adding in city noises like cars whooshing by, or wind and adding in crickets and even a campfire (though I’m unsure of how many parents will really be wanting the “calming” sound of fire in the background)!

Boat & Tote Bag:  This is my new favorite thing!  If you have ever traveled with an infant, you know that despite them being small, they come with a huge amount of stuff!  Just go to the LL Bean website, and you are able to design your own bag--from the size, to the handle length, multiple colors, pockets and zippers.  We have the extra large, and we are able to contain everything we need for a weekend and more.  As a bonus, if "Boat and Tote" isn't preppy enough for your style, you can add a monogram!

Pacifier Wipes:  I have to admit, I don’t know one other person that owns these besides me, but if you have a little one who loves a good paci, this is a must.  Even bringing an extra pacifier doesn’t cut it sometimes.  Once both are dropped on the ground, searching for a bathroom to wash them isn’t always a possibility--and more so, using scented and dyed soap isn’t really an option either.  I keep one pack of these in the diaper bag and only use one if there are no other options- that way a single package lasts quite some time.

Babyganics Stain Remover:  Without getting into the details, we have sure called on this product a bunch.  Recommended by a friend, this stain-remover lives up to everything she promised and more!  In fact, even after washing and drying poop-ridden clothing, this still got it out!

Let’s hear from you, loyal BBM readers: What products got you through the first few months (besides caffeine and nap nannies of course!) ?


  1. My top products are:

    Mustela facial wipes - for when my guy spits up and smells like vomit!! He soon returns to the amazing fresh mustela clean smell!

    Aiden & Anais security blanket with the satin edges. Ollie is obsessed with it and put him right to sleep in the stroller!

    NUMBER ONE OBSESSION:! I am full on obsessed with this site! You can get anything and the fact that I place an order at 2pm on monday and get it in my home by 5pm Tuesday FOR FREE is amazzzing! LOVE!

  2. I have 9mo old twins and a just turned 3 year old. Anything that occupies any of them for a period of time is my favorite. Noise, lights, music, anything. I love it because they love it. My favorite product for me/us is their stroller. It's a Valco twin tri mode with a jump seat out in front. I can get out and do things with the kids by myself. Enough said.

  3. Yes! Such great additions- I'm a big fan of as well (such a savior when you need things in a hurry!), and how awesome is that Valco stroller?! I just saw it in person for the first time the other day- perfect stroller for 3 kids- and cute, too!

  4. The Moby! My babe always wanted to be held and 7 lbs gets heavy faster than you think, I don't know what I would have done without it!

  5. Thanks for above list. It is helpful for a newbie mothers.