Friday, October 26, 2012

Tweet! Tweet! I Caved!

Last night I attended a lovely Mommy Bloggers event at Mini Luxe Spa in Wellesley. It was an intimate affair, consisting of approximately 15 local mom writers, some delicious apps, free manis and mini facials, all sponsored by Graco in honor of their new car seat (more on that in a later post). At the beginning of the event, our host asked us to stand up and introduce ourselves, tell everyone about our kids, what our blog url is and what our name is on Twitter. Uh oh...

I have tried to avoid "tweeting" on Twitter like the plague since its inception. I have a hard enough time putting up with people's minutia on the Facebook feed, why would I care about every detail of celebrities and other peoples lives? Of course I had signed up for Twitter back in the day so that I could secure the "bostonbabymama" handle (is that what they are called? Handles? Breaker breaker!) but never once tweeted. I started to following a few celebrities but after a few minutes of reading their quirky quips about what they were eating or what crappy hotel they were staying at I shut it down. Literally.

Fast forward to last night, and my heart quickening as we were going around the circle (I was last to speak) and everyone was dropping their Twitter name like it had been their name since birth. I told everyone that I was @bostonbabymama, but didn't elaborate any more than that. I immediatley felt like an old lady. Our host was telling us what the hashtag was for the evenings event and talking about tweeting this, and tweeting that, and I started to feel like my mother when I try to walk her through how to download something on her computer.

When talking with a few lovely mamas last night I casually dropped in the coversation, "you don't really use Twitter that much do you?" And each one had the same answer - Um, all the time. What? Was I alone in this refusing to tweet thing? Apparently amongst my blogging peers our there I am!

So as soon as I got home last night I downloaded Twitter apps to my iPad and iPhone and got my tweet on. It was like Christmas this morning when I woke up and had a whole 9 followers after announcing my Twitter handle on Facebook! A whole 9 people care what I have to say...It isn't much but it is a start.

So what am I saying? If you are a cool kid who is hip to the groove (as my mother used to say) and cares to hear what I have to say about all things Mama and Kid during the day (product reviews, sales announcements, random happenings, etc.) start following my old ass on Twitter at @bostonbabymama.

Tweet! Tweet!


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