Sunday, February 10, 2013

House Arrest

I am a homebody. I usually love to stay home with the family, watch some movies, make a nice dinner, drink some booze...that is all nice for a day, or two, maybe even three. But at this very moment I am stuck at my home due to Nemo, the blizzard not the fish, for the third day in a row (technically I have been in my house since Thursday at 1PM) and I am clawing at the walls to get out.

WTF is all this white stuff?
...the pooch seemed to say
Why is this different? Well, we are literally stuck in our house. The roads have at least two feet of snow on them, and there isn't a plow in site. Where do I live? In the rural suburbs you may think? NO! The city of Boston. And nary a plow in site my friends. Actually that is a lie! Plows have driven by our street, and one even attempted to plow our street, but got 10 feet in and decided to call it a day. So we are stuck. Not only is our street not plowed, but the street that is on the side of our house (we are on the corner of two streets) is not plowed either. So we are F'ed in the A, as I like to say.

The fact is even if I wanted to leave our house I am unable to physically drive my car down the street (see snow level at left - my dog is 60 pounds people!). And boy do I want to leave our house! Normally if we had a three day weekend, and we decided to make a staycation out of it and hang at home, I would be totally cool, but now that I am housebound all I want to do is drive away. To where? Anywhere!

Nemo...I like the movie better
I am not sure what happens now, as the sun is lowering over the horizon and we are trapped like rats in a cage. The one plow that attempted to dig us out has come and gone, with no other plows in site. There is absolutely no chance of driving over the 5 foot mountain the plow created to escape our neighborhood, so we will have to sit and stew for the unforeseen future.

We have tried multiple times to go out and play in the snow, but there is actually too much snow for M to play in!! We can't build a snowman because the snow won't pack and we can't even get to our yard because the snow is too high to walk through. This just adds to the frustration of being surrounded by snow - that we can't even play in!

M actually has school tomorrow, and she is probably, for once, looking forward to going just to get out of the house and away from me, and her sister that refuses to nap these days!

Oh! Did I mention our dishwasher is broken? What a pain in the balls it is not to have a dishwasher.

There are a lot of exclamation points in this post :)

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