Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fresh, Local Baby Food Made with Love

a guest post by founder of Lovage BabyBlends

Lovage isn’t just a plant, baby food company or sweet name. We consider it a concept that consists of nutritious food Made with Love starting at the farm and ending with you. We believe that good and honest food is a right, not a privilege. We believe these concepts and tastes are ingrained into us starting with our first foods, which sets the precedent for the rest of our foodie life. Here is how “I” turned into “we” and our mission began:

When my beautiful niece Ellery was born on Oct 16, 2012, my sister knew that she was going to feed Elle fresh, local, homemade baby foods for the highest nutrition and best taste. She works from home and is lucky to have the time to make foods for her baby. At the time, I was working 80-hour work weeks with several friends in the corporate world with babies as well. I don’t have a baby (yet!) but I was wondering how parents with similar schedules could provide their baby with fresh foods.

I quickly found out they wanted to but couldn’t because of time constraints and would love a service to provide this for them. They also felt unknowledgeable with the baby food store brands and would constantly wonder, “What do these ingredients mean? How do they attribute to their babies growth during this crucial time? Why are they funky colors? Where are the ingredients coming from?”

I began speaking with lots of parents and found out this was a widespread issue, not just with working parents but all parents. I knew I had to do something about this especially since I’ve always been passionate for nutritious, local foods and an expert blender. It was a tough decision to leave behind all the benefits of the corporate world but I knew my mission in life was to provide others with this service one family and baby at a time. I spent the last six months researching and creating the perfect firsts bites for Ellery and other babies, and brought on a team of like-minded experts to join me. 
Our team includes a nutritionist that helps us find the healthiest ingredients and to provide parents with nutritional facts for babies growth. The best local and responsible farmers and distributors to source our ingredients from. The most reliable food consultant to ensure the safest cooking process. And seven of the cutest babies that helped us discover the tastiest recipes. We’re excited to share with you the fruits of our labor which is why we set up various delivery options, convenient pick-up locations with great missions and the safest products to deliver our tasty Babyblends in.

With our mission, we hope to make the process of spreading the Lovage concept tastier for babies and easier for families.  

~Jessica Runnals, Founder of Lovage BabyBlends


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