Monday, April 29, 2013

Top Ten Favorite Products of a First Time Mama Bird (9-12 Month Edition)

Can you believe it?  Bird is ONE!  Didn’t it just fly by?  Ha ha ha, very funny world, but for, it really didn’t.  But I do love that people always ask that.  When does it become appropriate for me to answer that for a while I thought I was starring in the chapped-nipples, crying for no reason, severe reflux version of Groundhog Day?  Oh...never?  Well okay then, I won’t.  But in all honesty, the last couple months have gone much more quickly than the first few, and little wrinkly hatchling is now a full-fledged pot-bellied chick.  Woot woot!  Now, on to a couple of my fave things...

Zoli Bot Sippy Cup - This straw sippy cup was recommended to me well before Birdie came along, and now I know why.  With few parts to keep track of and wash, and a flip lid that a ten-month-old can work (whatttt??!), this sippy has quickly shot to the top of my list.  Use for water (our current situation), milk (wish us luck), or juice--just not anything with pulp in it, as the straw can become clogged.  Comes in two sizes, and can be found online on Amazon, or pick up in person at Tadpole, a fave local shop of mine.

Jellycat “Tails” Books - You know when your kid needs a little something to play with, but the look that old man is giving you across the aisle on the plane says, “don’t you dare pull out that Sophie the Giraffe...”?  Enter, the Jellycat “Tails” books!  With crinkle pages, interesting designs, and fun tails to pull, chew, and dangle, this book is a quiet and interactive alternative to noisier busy-books or toys.  Machine washable after slobber-overload, dirty restaurant floor smash, or spit-up attack!

See Kai Run (smaller) - Robeez?  Great.  Stylish Old Navy shoes?  Fab.  But I have learned that true well-fitted shoes are worth the price.  See Kai Run has always done nice work for bigger toddlers, but their newer “smaller” collection offers even the littlest feet the most support, in multiple styles for both boys and girls.

Columbia Fleece Bunting - Given to us as a gift, this extremely cozy bunting is everything and more that I never knew I needed.  It washes and dries lovely, and has an attached hood, feet, and most importantly: fold-over mittens!  It is thin enough for Birdie to wear in the Ergo, and thick enough that she can be in the stroller without a stroller bunting.  It is not  waterproof the way true snowsuits are, but at around $25, this is a worthwhile purchase for a child that isn’t yet stomping in icy puddles or making snow angels.

Baby Buddy Secure-a-Toy - Is anyone else in the “All done!” and “No!” phase?  Because seriously, I can hardly take it anymore.  The problem is, I know this is just the beginning.  Part of the solution?  These super cheap bands with snaps: they keep rattles fastened to highchairs, snack traps attached to strollers, and Bird’s “Tails” book hooked onto my Ergo when we sit at Starbucks (she likes some light reading while having her sippy of milk, me with my latte).

Itzy Ritzy Reusable Bags - A friend of a friend of a friend started this company, and I say, “Bravo!”  They come in adorable prints and various sizes; all are washable, water-resistant, and reusable, making the larger one perfect for a wet swimsuit after swim class, and the smallest one ideal for cheerios.  Yes, yes, YES!

MD Moms Sunscreen Wipes - Is there much else less fun and more anxiety producing than trying to get enough sunscreen on your kid?  Well, MD Moms has done it again with these sunscreen wipes!  Pricey, but worth it with their easy application and substantially reduced mess.  And, no worries about a spill when keeping them in the diaper bag.  Woot woot!

Lakeshore Learning Soft and Safe Building Blocks - I originally came across these simple blocks years ago while working with children professionally, and recently, Bird’s Grammy fell in love with them when she took her to a play group.  This weekend, Bird was happily surprised when her Grammy and Pa broke open a new set at their house...jackpot!  Easily wipeable and brightly colored, this set offers a safe and fun way to explore block building.

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest! -  Not a product, I know... but seriously, this website has served me too well to not give it a major shout-out.  Sign up and join for free, and “follow” other people that have similar interests to you.  Moms that are making baby food from scratch, teachers designing ocean-themed curriculum for their students, and artists creating child-friendly activities--this “virtual pin board” is an easy way to not only find great ideas, but keep them organized as well.

Kate’s Klips - Adorable, festive, and reasonably priced, these little gems spruce up any attire.  And if you know Bird, you know I joke that we absolutely have to have a little clip in her hair, or you wouldn’t be able to tell her apart from her daddy.  Buy them in bulk on Etsy, or individually at Isis Parenting stores in the Greater Boston area.

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