Monday, April 29, 2013

We Love Lovage BabyBlends

Every day I come across something that I wish I had invented or created myself. Sure there are obvious ones like the iPod, but I am talking things that make a mom's already hectic life even easier. The Nose Frida comes to mind - so simple, so gross, yet so satisfying. I wish I could take credit for it's creation. I also wish I came up with the idea for the organic baby food delivery service, Lovage BabyBlends.

I love my golden beets! And this top isn't bad either!
I had every intention to make my own baby food with Val. I bought an immersion blender, I bought all the little food containers - I was ready to make it happen. I reached out to friends who make their own baby food and they told me how easy it was, so I bought some organic veg at Whole Foods and had planned to boil and puree some squash for baby Val. Yeah, that never happened. When you are home with two kids, who only nap at the same time once in a blue moon, you are lucky enough to have time to take a quick shower, let alone make your own baby food. I gave up the notion of being that perfect mom who purees her baby's food, and settled for Plum Organic pouches just like I had with M - and she turned out just fine.

Two weeks ago I was approached by Jessica, the founder of Lovage BabyBlends, and was asked if I wanted to try their product. I am always hesitant when a company owner approaches me to try their product and review it for the blog - I tell everyone I will be completely honest, which doesn't necessarily mean it will be a glowing review. Well, Jessica, you are in luck because I have nothing but amazing things to say about Lovage!!

Let me start with their packaging. The 9 flavor variety pack is hand delivered to your door step in the
cutest little cooler (reusable of course), complete with Lovage logo (see right). The flavors are individually packaged in reusable BPA-free containers, with color matched logos. I am a sucker for attractive packaging, so she had me at my first unzip.

Val and I started our taste test with the Golden Beets flavor, a favorite ingredient in our household. I cannot believe how velvety smooth they are able to make this baby food. It almost tasted like cream was added, but for sure it was not. Val gobbled up all she could, as I couldn't stop eating it myself. All of the subsequent flavors (I couldn't get enough of the Minty Peas!!) we have tried have had that amazing texture, and could double as a side dish to any adult dinner entree.

Because we only use less than one container a day (that is when I am not eating it myself) I put 5 of the flavors in the freezer. All I had to do was pop one for tomorrow in the fridge and about 24 hours later it is defrosted and ready to go. We don't heat up our baby food but if you want to they have directions to follow on the site. 

This is totally one of those things that I wish I had thought of first. A couple clicks online, and delicious fresh baby blends can be delivered to your door step. Just click here to start the process. 

I am so excited to have had the opportunity to try Lovage BabyBlends, and look forward to being a repeat customer!!

More Minty Peas please!!


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