Friday, May 24, 2013

Living Paleo: Hello old friend Chobani

That's right friends...after five months of being dairy free, I have decided to add plain Greek yogurt back into my life...and I am fine with it! I guess I can't technically say that I am Paleo anymore, so now I will call myself Living Clean.

For the past five months my husband and I have been almost one hundred percent dairy-, carb-, gluten- and sugar-free. I have lost a total of 24 pounds and my husband is so skinny he looks like a teenager (I don't want to even know how much he has lost because I will be jealous.) There were a handful of meals out at restaurants where I threw my rules out the window of course, but for the most part we have stuck with our new guidelines this whole time. This of course means we have been eating a lot of meat...A LOT of meat.

I have mentioned on the blog how breakfast is the most difficult meal for me - eating last nights chicken curry or leftover steak for breakfast never sat too well with me. Most days I end up eating bacon and eggs for most breakfasts
but lately my stomach has been revolting against me after a big breakfast for some reason. Because of this I made the decision to add plain Greek yogurt back into my diet. I just enjoyed my new favorite breakfast of plain Chobani, drizzle of raw honey, blueberries and Steve's Original Paleo Krunch grain-free "granola." It is delicious my friends! Do a google search for Paleo Krunch and buy it now (I got mine on Amazon.)
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