Sunday, May 26, 2013

When you vacation with my parents...

Let me start off this post by saying that my parents are amazing. They are incredibly generous and kind, and still spoil my 30-something brother and I rotten. Because of them we have been able to do many amazing things in our lives, and for that we will be forever grateful. A prime example (one of hundreds) of their generosity was when they rented two houses in the Bahamas for the week after our wedding, and opened one up to my husband and I and about 10 of our closest friends...and stocked the fridge.

My parents like to go on vacation, and they like to go first class all the way, so if you are ever invited on a family vacation of ours, do not say no, my friends, as it is not a vacation to be missed.
At the present moment I am with my parents at their summer house up here in Rhode Island, where we will spend many of our weekends to come. Usually our days are spent by the pool, out on the boat, eating outside or golfing - all outdoor activities you will notice. Well, for the past 5 days here in New England it has been unseasonably cold - with a side of rain and ridiculous winds. Not exactly a recipe for enjoying outdoor activities! Needless to say there has been a lot of down time spent indoors, which has led me to observe my parents behavoirs on a different level - we are like monkeys trapped in a cage, friends, so why not blog about it?

When you vacation with my parents...
- you will do a lot of eating, and their pantry is stocked, so there is a lot of food to be eaten. Not eating something? My mom will dice or slice something, put it on a plate with a little balsamic vinegar and place it in front of pressure...but you better eat it
- you will talk about food...while you are eating food. Eating breakfast? Let's talk about what our lunch plans are
- your clothes will remain dirty for two hours, max. And when they are clean and folded, you better put them back in your room...or else
- the kids' messes are cleaned up within minutes of them being made. This will include figurines to be set up in their rightful position each time, and princesses lined up or posed.
- do not leave your glass unattended for more than five minutes. It will be dumped, washed and put away.
- your kids will be asked multiple times a day if they want to put socks on...or a sweater, as they are always concerned about cold feet and arms
- you will be offered their clothing, no matter what you brought with you. Have something nice to wear out to dinner? Don't worry, my mom will offer you up another option from her closet. Already dressed for golf? My dad will offer you up to five different jacket/vest type options, as well as under-layers...this man does not like to be cold and doesn't want you to be cold either
- you will be asked what the "plan" is multiple times a day. My dad loves to have a plan.
- the kitchen will be spotless at all times. My dad loves a clean kitchen. Don't try and takeover the after dinner clean up. He might throw a sponge at you...clean-up is his "job."
- you will be early to everything because my mother swears it takes twice as long to get everywhere than it actually does. The grocery store? That is definitely 30 minutes away (nope, only 15.) Her nail place? At least 30 minutes away (nope, right next to the grocery store.)

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about spending time with my parents. Sure, like all kids and their parents, there is a point where you need your personal space. In our case that is when we go on golf cart "adventures" to find bunnies in the woods, or look for deer. And if you are on our family vacation, and your child is 3.5, my dad will let them drive a golf cart.

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