Monday, June 3, 2013

The Lesson of the Day for Boys Everywhere

There are many lessons that you need to teach your boys as a child...

Don't whip "it" out in public...or grab it, or hold it, or think with it when you are older.

Always hold the door open, for everyone, especially ladies.

Say "bless you" to anyone you hear sneeze. They will appreciate it.

Ladies first.

And above all else, never, under any circumstance should you sidle up behind a woman you do not know on the dance floor and hump her like a dog. No woman likes this, no matter what you have heard. This does not turn a woman on, ever. You may have had a couple cocktails, and think that the cute girl dancing next to you would love to get it doggie style over the clothes from you. You are mistaken, son.

Sure there might be some drunk girls out there with no morals that finds this doucher move attractive, but I tell you now boys, 99% of women out there really want to punch men in the junk when they pull this crap.

At least I did to the young man who did this to me on the dance floor of a very dark, sweaty dance floor on Saturday night. I got him to leave me alone when I told him about my loving husband and two babies at home...and that the two girls next to me were pregnant...with their second and third child.

So ends the lesson of the day for boys everywhere.

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