Monday, December 9, 2013

Have your next party at Kid's Street!

I love planning parties, but I honestly I haven't thrown a party in years. If you follow me on Pinterest you might think I plan a different party every week with all the fabulous birthday party ideas I keep pinning! You would be wrong, of course. Hubs and I have thrown some good ones in the past - my favorite being Festivus of 2007, and yes there was a metal pole, and no, grievances were not aired. When kids came into the picture we traded in the matchbook favors for balloons and stickers. But in the last two years I have had to cancel kids parties because like clockwork my kids get very ill on their birthdays.
M in the amazing indoor climbing structure!

So, this year we chose to do something different (for us) for M's 4th birthday party. I decided to put all my amazing Pinterest pins aside (gulp) and have her party at an indoor play space called Kid's Street in Needham, MA. The kids are getting older and need more distraction than a ball pit in the basement, and while I love throwing parties I loathe cleaning up after them, so we thought this would be a great alternative.

After M's party this past Saturday we walked out of Kid's Street and my Hubs said to me "so we are going to have all our girls birthday parties there right?" We were beyond happy with everything Kids Street did before and during the party. All I had to do was tell them how many guests and they ordered the food (I was able to somewhat customize the food to my liking) and cake, they set up, they cleaned up, and they took incredibly good care of my guests the entire time.

And speaking of time, they have this party thing down to a science at Kids Street. The entire party lasts only an hour and a half. Initially I was concerned that it wouldn't be enough time, but it was perfect. The time was broken into thirty minute increments - 30 minutes on the amazing indoor climbing structure, 30 minutes in the "gym" (a giant room with a rock wall, gymnastics equipment and other fun games for the kids to play) and finally 30 minutes in the party room where we had pizza and cake. And scene.
M and her birthday crew against the rock wall

The gracious staff cleaned up the room, gathered the extra food and even offered to put it in our car. It was the easiest party I have ever thrown!

If you are in the Boston area and are looking for an indoor location for your child's next birthday party please be sure to check out Kid's Street in Needham! I can't recommend it enough.

PS. Instead of gifts I asked that each parent bring a wrapped book for each child they were brining to the party. At the end of the party each child chose a different book than the one the brought, to bring home as a party favor. It was a huge hit!

(Oh and yes, M was actually sick on her birthday again this year, so I apologize if any party guests have stuff noses now.)

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