Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dear Facebook, I am over you

There was a time (not so long ago) that I would check my Facebook account about 20 times a day. There was a time (much longer ago) that I would update my status with the minutiae of my day ("So tired from being up at 4:30 AM!" or "Eating lunch at Bloomingdales!" or "Just took a poop!" - ok, I never wrote about my bowel movements, but some people put so much insignificant crap (pun intended) in their status they might as well be talking about their poops!) - what was I saying? Oh yeah, I used to be a frequent Facebook user. I used to upload photos of the girls on a daily basis, and then desperately check every ten minutes to see which of my friends "liked" my photos (what? only 10 of you like this awesome photo of M? Are you blind?).

There was a time when Facebook was fun. It was a place to stalk old boyfriends, and see what fellow classmates were up to and who they ended up marrying. It was a place to reconnect with friends from your childhood, and keep in touch with family members that you rarely see.

But now I feel like it is just a place for people to over share the intimate details of their lives. Ok, maybe it has always been that way, and maybe I too was once an over sharer, but I feel like people have gotten out of hand.

I do not give a flying fug how many miles you ran this morning!

Oh, you are at the gym? Then get off Facebook and work out for fugs sake!

You are "checking-in" to a restaurant? Who cares! Check this!

I, and the rest of your Facebook friends, do not need to know the intimate details of your marital problems (maybe you should not share so much on Facebook and your marriage would be better).

Yes, traffic sucks at rush hour.

Yes, it snows in winter and is always warm in Florida (you don't have to remind us Northerners).

No, I am not giving you money for your race (ok, some people I do give money to, I am just sick of seeing people asking for money!)

And I am fine with you being a devout Christian, you just don't need to remind us every day! I don't remind you that I don't believe in religion on a daily basis do I?

And if I sign on one more time and see a photo of some terminally ill child in a foreign country (most of them incredibly disturbing and heartbreaking) that asks me to type "AMEN" in the comments (I am assuming most of these are hoaxes) I am going to throw in the towel for good.

Maybe I am getting too old for Facebook. Maybe I realize that I don't want everyone I know to know every detail of my life (and neither should you people). Maybe I am pissed that Facebook has turned into one big marketing ploy (I have to actually pay now for all the people that like the Boston Baby Mama page to see my posts - ridiculous!) Whatever the reason, Facebook, I am over you.

Now, Instagram, that is another story. All photos and no status updates? A community of creative people that have likeminded interests and are nothing but positive?* Count me in!

*Yes, I know, not all of Instagram is like this, but the community that I have aligned with is totally this way! Follow me and find out! I promise! 


  1. I feel the same way about it! I used to check often but now hardly use it anymore! It's such a waste of time.

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