Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Not going to stress about it...

I have developed this really strange habit as of late where I can't stop pushing my tongue against the the back of my top teeth. Isn't that weird? It gets so bad some days that my teeth actually ache, and feel like they have moved a little bit, but I still can't stop. I will try to stop, but it takes tremendous willpower not to do it. I also find that I have been grinding my teeth at night, because I wake up with a headache and a sore jaw. I know these are indicators of stress...

I have a lot going on - with the kids, taking a photography class, building our new house, selling our current house, a new Instagram project I am helping with, etc.. In the grand scheme of things these are not bad things to be stressed about, I know, but that doesn't cause me from tonguing my teeth when I think about all of them.

On top of all of this (without going into too much detail) I have family members that are very ill.

I know it has been two weeks since I posted something on here...and I am a little ashamed. I feel like most of my posts lately have been about me feeling badly about not keeping up with the blog. But you know what? I am not going to stress about this blog.

I started it when I was a completely different person. A naive, judgmental pregnant lady who had no idea what she was about to get thrust into. I shared stories of new mom madness, of my fertility struggles, of becoming a second time mom, of classes we have taken, of products we have loved...and some of that I will continue to do, but I feel like I don't have the same voice now that I did for the last 5 years.

What is my point? Well, I have enough stress in my life that I don't want to have to stress about posting on the blog as much as I had promised...so, I take back my promise of more posts and giveaways and all that fun stuff I promised at the beginning of the year.

I do still plan to write the occasional fun editorial piece, and share with you some of my opinions on pop culture and whatnot (I could write a whole blog about how much I loath Nene Leakes right now - what happened to my former fave housewife? Yikes!) so I hope that those loyal readers come back and check in on a weekly basis.

Since I have been much more into photography as of late, I am going to start sharing some of my personal photos on here as well, in hopes of building some buzz for a possible future photography endeavor!

That is all I have to say. I must go to my fridge and prepare one of the same 3 lunches I eat every day.

This mama needs a vacation.

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