Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm a Mom?!?!?!

13 years of birth control pills: Thousands of wasted* dollars!
Multiple fertility medications: Many Benjamins!
Multiple fertility treatments (IUI & IVF): MUCHO bucks!
A year of therapy to deal with my infertility: Best thing insurance ever paid for!
A new maternity wardrobe: Way too much money!
Finally being able hold my precious daughter in my arms: Beyond Priceless...

*I say wasted because I later found out I can't get pregnant on my own anyhoo!!

On December 4th, at 2:11 AM I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Marlo Ada. She decided to grace us with her presence 4 weeks and 2 days before her due date, and weighed in at 5 pounds 6 ounces. After a quick visit to the NICU to get her lungs checked out, she was able to room with us for the remainder of our stay at Brigham & Women's hospital.

Now at 11 days old, she is thriving, and we are loving every minute of being parents.

I have so much to share with everyone, so keep a look out for the following posts (having trouble finding the time to finish writing them all, believe it or not :)!

- 18 hours of labor, with 3 failed epidurals does not equal good times
- New Parent High: They weren't kidding when they said sleep when your baby sleeps
- Lactation Consultant: The best money we spent so far on our baby
- Grandma is my new BFF


  1. congratulations!!!!! xoxoxo Enjoy every minute with your little girl =)

  2. I look forward to reading your upcoming posts. I too thought that my lactation consultant was the best money ever spent. Too bad for me that it was 4 weeks after breastfeeding and having thrush (which I thought was "normal breastfeeding pain")that I saw her.
    Even though they say "sleep when your baby sleeps", I was so anxious that I could hardly sleep at all. Every breath the baby made I was all ears. It took a good three to four weeks before I could relax! =) Enjoy each precious moment! Congrats!