Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Interesting Reads 4.24.12

- When I had M I struggled with the whole breastfeeding situation because she was so early. The formula they gave us at the hospital was sweet relief for her, and my nerves, and now they are talking about stopping this service because they feel it lessens the chance of breastfeeding. Read more here. 

- I do not look forward to the days of chauffeuring around two kids to activities during every waking second of the afternoons and weekends. Maybe I should move to France like this woman!

- I LOVE a good article about Disney Princesses and their influence on our little girls, and this one is a great one!

- And of course another awesome article by my favorite blogger, Una LaMarche about her trek to Philippines for a friends wedding with her baby son in tow. Always good times

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