Monday, January 26, 2015

Casting Director Mama J: Beauty and the Beast (updated)

See update in Gaston section after my brother blew my mind with a new suggestion!

I just read online that Emma Watson has been cast to play Belle in the live action version of Beauty and the Beast, and I couldn't be happier! One of my favorite things to day dream about is casting live action versions of animated films. It sounds so silly, but at one point I actually kept a list of whom I would cast in what, in hopes of writing a blog post about it in the future. If only I could find that said list (I am guessing it is in storage with 90% of our other belongings.) This recent announcement of Emma playing Bell has me thinking about who else I would cast in the movie if I were casting director...Here are my thoughts:

The Beast:

My original plan was to have my honey Hugh Jackman play the role of the Beast, to Olivia Wilde's Belle. Actually he would be amazing as Gaston too, but with the casting of Emma, only 24, as Belle, it would be weird to have someone as old at Hugh, 46, playing either role. Sorry my love! I have included his photo in this post anyway because he is dreamy and I like looking at his face. Where was I?

Yes, the Beast. After recently seeing Into the Woods, I actually think Chris Pine (another dreamboat) would be a terrific Beast! He can sing, he can move, but it would be a shame to cover his face in Beast make-up for the majority of the movie.

I think Chris and Emma would make a lovely leading couple, don't you?


Can anyone else but my crush of all crushes, Joe Manganiello, play Gaston? Does he sing? Who cares! Is he probably too old? Yes! But is there another tall strapping dark haired hunk in Hollywood that could play this role? Probably, but I can't think of one! Where does he sign????
Hey, Girl. Want me to come over and give you a foot massage while you watch Real Housewives?
Update: After I shared this post on Facebook my brother actually came up with an even better (gasp!) selection for Gaston. Henry Cavill. How could I forget my favorite part of The Tudors? I have no clue if he can sing but cast him now damn it! He is also apparently the nicest guy in Hollywood. Look at this face...

Le Fou: 

Originally I had thought of Ricky Gervais as this part (he has a tremendous singing voice if you didn't know) but again, he is too old for this cast. My new favorite person for this role is Josh Gad, of Book of Mormons and Olaf fame. He has the looks (sorry Josh, you are more attractive than LaFou but there are some similarities!) and the vocal chops to boot. Plus he would add a terrific comedic aspect to the movie. 

This could be the worst photo of Josh I have ever seen - turns out he is crazy photogenic!

Lumiere and Cogsworth

I am not too concerned about who would play these two enchanted objects. Lumiere needs to be someone with a legit singing voice of course - Hugh, maybe? I hope they find someone off Broadway for the role of the debonaire candlestick. 

Mrs. Potts

I cannot get Mrs. Patmore (from Downton Abbey) off the brain for this role. Or even Mrs. Hughes! They both have lovely soft voices - I have no clue if either of them can sing, but I guess they need to for the big title song sequence. Or maybe even have Angela Lansbury reprise her role! Or Julie Andrews? She can still belt it! 

It will really depend on which way they are going with the live action adaptation. Are they planning to modernize it or will it be in the same "old timey" time of the Disney movie? Maybe Indina Menzel as Mrs. Potts so she can have another crack at singing gold? This will be an interesting role to cast...

But who am I to say who gets what role! I can't wait to find out who they do inevitably cast...

Wait until you hear my thoughts on Little Mermaid and Rapunzel!


  1. I vote Alexander Skarsgaard for Lumiere or Gaston or anything to get him on the screen.

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